5 Recovery Goals for Men to Set and Achieve

When you’re on the path towards sobriety, setting and achieving recovery goals should be priority. This will help you stay on course in all ways possible.

In this article, we’ve detailed what exact goals you should consider and why it will only play a beneficial role to your sober journey.

5 Recovery Goals for Men to Set and Achieve | Transitions SL

Why You Should Set Addiction Recovery Goals

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are more men than women in treatment for addiction.

Other reports state the way men move through the addiction process, from acquisition to relapse, is much different than women. For example, men are more likely to engage in using substances to fit in with the group. In addition, men exhibit greater symptoms of withdrawal but can stay sober for a longer period before relapse.

This is good news if true. It means you have more time to work on your sobriety. This also means addiction recovery goals for men need to focus on specific issues related to them as not only an individual but as a male individual.

Setting addiction recovery goals are a must. They give you hope for something greater. They let you know you are still in the game. And you are, still in the game!

The 5 Recovery Goals to Consider

5 Recovery Goals for Men to Set and Achieve | Transitions SL


Setting addiction recovery goals like the ones listed here can help you succeed in your journey. Other tips include:

  • Never Think “I Got This”. Avoid being overconfident. The disease of addiction loves to here you think you have won. That’s when it steps in and reintroduces itself.
  • Be Honest, Even When You Hate the Truth. Tell the truth always, especially to yourself. If you can’t attend a party because you may have a craving, say it. If you need help, admit it and go get it.
  • Lower Your Expectations of Others (Or At Least Be Realistic). It’s easy to feel disappointed in people. You are struggling to survive, and they do something that triggers a craving. Most people do not want to make recovery harder for you. But because they don’t know what recovery is like, they don’t know what to say or how to act. Don’t expect them to be perfect at supporting your recovery. If you lower your expectations, your disappointment will also decrease.

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