Sober Living in November Recap: 2020

The time has come for a sober living in November recap, which means laying out a summary of what we’ve learned this month.

We’ve detailed all the information and facts, which we believe is helpful to know for your own recovery or a loved one’s recovery. It’s always beneficial to gain more knowledge on creating a healthy and positive sober journey.

Sober Living in November Recap: 2020 | Transitions Sober Living

It’s time for a sober living in November recap!

As we come to the end of the month, we must look at all of our resources that help us better understand our addiction recovery needs. This means educating ourselves about how long withdrawal symptoms last, comprehending the family roles in addiction, and how to stay sober during the holiday celebrations.

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How Long Do Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

How Long Do Withdrawal Symptoms Last | Transitions Sober Living

First things first, withdrawing from a substance or behavior should be done with medical and mental health professionals. Trying to withdraw all by yourself makes it much harder than it has to be.

Withdrawal happens when you decide to cut back or stop taking a drug that you have been using consistently enough to form a habit or addiction.

You do not have to be using mind-altering drugs to feel withdrawal effects. Sugar, caffeine, and nicotine are all drugs that can cause negative withdrawal symptoms. Anything that can cause your mind or body to become physically dependent will create withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using them. Even sex, pornography, and gambling can produce some withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal, also known as detoxification, is different for each person and the severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on many factors.

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Understanding the Family Roles in Addiction

Understanding the Family Roles in Addiction | Transitions Sober Living

It is hard for an addict to be an addict all by themselves. Usually, there are friends and family helping them continue in their risky behaviors. Everyone plays a role, even the ones who think they don’t.

Family roles in the context of coping with a member addicted to drugs or alcohol can be dysfunctional and harmful.

Addiction is a disease that infiltrates a whole family. To cope with the stress of this disease, family members create roles for themselves. On the outside, the roles chosen may appear to help. Or at least, it eases some of the stress. On the inside, family roles can do more damage than good.

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How to Stay Sober This Holiday Season

How to Stay Sober This Thanksgiving Holiday | Transitions Sober Living

Holidays are often used as excuses people use to behave in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily behave. One report shows 86 percent of millennials overspend during the holidays. Retailers implement marketing tips that make it easy to say yes, yes, yes, to their offers.

Also, during the holidays, people socialize more than any other time of the year and lose sleep to attend parties and events. People find themselves waiting in line longer, over-indulging in food and drinks, buying and wrapping gifts for people we don’t even know that well.

The holidays are no different. From buying and cooking an oversized turkey to preparing ten too many side dishes to venture out the day after Thanksgiving to shop black Friday sales, buying stuff we don’t need, we overdo it.

For many, drug and alcohol abuse may increase during this time also. If you are trying to stay sober, it can become difficult to avoid using when everywhere you go; you are bombarded with triggers.

However, there are ways you can stay sober this holiday season.

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It can be overwhelming to find the right information and facts about addiction recovery and the sober living journey. But what we’ve gathered here is a great start to guide you in the right direction. Connect with us today for further assistance!

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